Q&A 복합 부분 발작 1차 응급 처치는 어떻게 하나, First aid for complex partial seizures?

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Q&A 복합 부분 발작 1차 응급 처치는 어떻게 하나, First aid for complex partial seizures?


▪ 침착하게 옆에서 관찰한다.

▪ 발작을 시작한 시간과 발작을 끝낸 시간을 알아 둔다.

▪ 조용하게 괜찮으냐고 묻는다.

▪ 발작 중 몸을 꼭 붙들거나 꽉 잡아서는 안 된다.

▪ 주위에 있는 사람에게 발작하는 것 같다고 조용히 말로 알려 준다.

▪ 발작하는 아이의 주위에 있는 안전사고 위험성 물체를 안전하게 치운다.

▪ 발작한 후 그 날이 언제이고지금 어디에 있고어디로 갈 것인지 알고 있나즉 소재식이 있나 직접·간접적으로 알아본다.

▪ 발작 후 혼동하는 시간은 발작하는 시간보다 더 길 수 있다.

▪ 발작 중 외상을 입을 수 있다외상을 입지 않게 예방해야 한다.

▪ 가능하면 부모보호자의사병원 응급 의료실응급 의료 구급대에 연락해 도움을 받는다.

Q&A Symptoms and signs of complex partial seizures?

The symptoms, signs, and seizure status of complex partial seizures have already been described in “Seizure Awareness and First Aid First Aid for Seizures” and other topics, but are discussed here again. ▪ Complex partial seizures were previously referred to as psychomotor seizures or temporal lobe seizures. ▪ If you describe the symptoms of a complex partial seizure, ▪ Alternately being conscious and not conscious. ▪ You don’t know where you are during a seizure, you don’t know what you’re doing, and you don’t know what’s going on around you. ▪ You are in a blank state. ▪ Play with your mouth as if you were chewing something. ▪ Doing these actions without purpose. ▪ Mumbling in words you don’t understand. ▪ Inability to respond appropriately to each other. ▪ Behavior is awkward. ▪ I also groped with my hands. ▪ Picks up clothes, picks up objects, and takes off clothes. ▪ Some run away as if afraid, and some come back. ▪ If you hold onto it, try to get out. ▪ Repeat almost the same seizure signs with each seizure. ▪ You may be confused for a while after the seizure is over. ▪ Can’t remember what happened during the seizure. ▪ Most complex partial seizures result from temporal lobe disorders. ▪ If you have a frontal lobe disorder, you can be weak and stiff and stiff. ▪ May occur during sleep ▪ You can move your legs like riding a bicycle. ▪ Fearful and sometimes screaming. ▪ Occipital lobe disorder may cause visual impairment. ▪ After these seizures are over, consciousness is fully restored.

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